Assignments in Teams mobile apps

In this article I will give you a quick review of the assignment features in the Teams mobile apps, including how you can push assignments to multiple classes at once.


The Teams mobile client is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

To get to an assignment in the mobile app, you can either open it from the assignment notification card in the activity feed or conversations area…

…or navigate to a class team and open Tabs in the upright corner


You will find Assignments in the list, clicking it will give you a list of previous and upcoming assignments, as well as a button to create a new assignment if you are logged on as a teacher (team owner).


Clicking New assignment will open the exact same experience as the online and the desktop versions, with the exception of attaching reference materials and specifying what students will turn in, which is limited to the native OS controls.


You even have the newly added option of assigning to multiple classes at once!


When you assign to multiple classes you can edit the assignment for each individual class at a later time, if needed.

At the time of writing, you can attach reference materials and assignments stored locally on the device or in cloud storage like iCloud Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. You also have the option to add photos from the Photo Library or take and add a photo or video with the device camera. OneNote Class Notebook integration is currently not available when creating an assignment.

Available cloud storage providers will depend on what is supported by the OS and installed on the device.



The student view also looks familiar, and choosing linked reference materials or work to be turned in will open the corresponding app. There is also a Turn in button in the upright corner when students are finished.


If enabled students have the option to edit their assignment and turn in again.


When reviewed, teacher feedback and eventual points are available.

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