Guest Access in Teams on Android

Want to switch tenants, to check on teams where you are a guest, while working on a mobile device? Read on…


While the biggest news lately regarding guest access, definetly was the announcement about guest access for consumer accounts (anyone with an email address can now be invited to join your team), another nice feature I was recently made aware of is switching tenants on an android device.


Not much to it, let’s dive right in…

First open your Teams app and hit settings in the upper left corner.



In the settings menu expand Your accounts.



You will get a list of available guest accounts.



Pick a guest account and you will be signed into the appropriate tenant.



There you are, enjoy your guest access on the go! That is if you have an Android device, since iOS isn’t supported as of this writing.

UPDATE March 14th: Tenant switching is now available also in the Microsoft Teams app on iOS.

2 thoughts on “Guest Access in Teams on Android

  1. Too bad this doesn’t seem to work (yet) for managed mobile devices, i’m seeing the other accounts (like collaboris) but when clicking on it i’m getting ‘failed to switch to the account. We are working on adding guest acceess support for managed mobile devices soon.’


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