Plagiarism control arrives in Microsoft Teams for Education (via 3rd party)

In this post I will show you how to get plagiarism control for assignments delivered in Teams for Education, utilizing the newly released app Haldor Plagiarism Check.

After about six months of using Teams for Education in our district, one of the top requested features, by teachers, is the ability to check assignments for plagiarism.

There supposedly were talks between plagiarism control provider Turnitin and Microsoft a while back, but first up to offer a fully integrated solution is a Swedish LMS provider called Haldor.

Haldor themselves do not offer a plagiarism control service, instead they made an app for Teams for Education utilizing the APIs of plagiarism control provider URKUND.

While the app is freely available in the store, you need a subscription both from Haldor, to use the app, and from URKUND to use the plagiarism service.

Ready to see who might be cheatin’? Let’s dive in!

To connect the services Haldor needs your URKUND subscription UnitID. Both Haldor and URKUND will be happy to set you up with a test account, but the UnitID must be requested either from your sales rep or (Haldor also offers to make the request on your behalf).

You then need to assign permissions to the app in your Office 365 environment, logging in via using Office 365 Global Administrator credentials.

Haldor Services

Click the Try-button in the bottom left corner (only present before trial is requested).

Once Haldor confirms connecting your URKUND UnitID you should be good to go.

Configuring Teams

Navigate to a class team, add a new tab, search for Haldor and choose Haldor Plagiarism check.

Haldor app search.png

Haldor app logga in.png

Hit Logga in (Sign in)…


…and sign in with your Office 365 credentials.

Choose assignments type

You will be prompted to choose assignments function, tick off Microsoft assignments (the only option actually available) and click Save.

If you haven’t yet given the app the appropriate permissions, you will get the above message.

Check for plagiarism

Once you have added Haldor Plagiarism check you will get a tab called Plagieringskontroll. The app is not yet fully translated into all languages, make sure you change it into something your users will understand.

This tab is where you will see all the assignments in the current team, and be able to control for plagiarism against URKUNDs plagiarism service.

Since the education APIs in Graph are currently in beta, Haldor Plagiarism check fetches the documents directly from the underlying SharePoint document library. This will change in a later update, but at this time, since the folder names vary depending on language, you will need to get in contact with Haldor to add the names for your language if assignments won’t show up. English, Swedish and Norwegian should work out of the box.

Test Class Result pane alt

Choose to control for plagiarism on either a selection of submissions or an entire assignment, and click Send to Urkund in the upleft corner of the plagiarism pane.


Wait patienly while the documents are uploaded.

Reload tab.png

After a few minutes you should be able to refresh the page (circle arrow icon in the upright corner), and get an updated Urkund status.

Result pane 2

When finished the Urkund status should show Analyserat (Analyzed), and you will get a plagiarism score as well as a link to a detailed report. Needless to say, a high score would trigger the need for further investigation, while a low score is considered safe according to URKUNDs algorithms.

Haldor Plagiarism check is a cloud app built on Azure. While the above was true when this was written around New Years 2017, things are subject to change, as Haldor has ambitious plans on their roadmap, including integrating the plagiarism functionality into the assignments view and migrating functionality to the Graph API.

Please also see Haldors video on YouTube, and feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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